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Used Leather Shoes Making Machine
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Now because boss of leather shoes making factory want to do other business, he want to sell all Leather Shoes Making Machine.(Including some Italian shoes machine) If you are interested in machines as below, please contact with us.

Machines list:

1. Automatic heavy cutting machine

2. Automatic nesting system with digitalizing table scanner

3.  Electronic fully automatic trimming machine (two shafts)

4. Soles edge dyeing machine with special equipment (side table)

5. CAD CAM system with two working stations to skivie and cut sole

6. Automatic loading machine

7. Ink jet printer

8. Leveling machine and sole roughing with paper

9. Collector

10. Curve working line system

11. Automatic loading machine

12. Electronic sutomatic stamping machine

13. Automatic collector

14. CAD CAM system with two working stations to skivie and cut sole 

15. CAD CAM system with automatic loader

16. Twin-head press X Hot-forming

17. Travelling head cutting machines (25 tons pressure)

18. Semiautomatic trimming machine with two cutter shafts and four tools assembled

19. Complete software and hardware station mameccad for CAD CAM system

20. Manual stamping mumbering  machine with gold tape

21. Brushing machine with speed variator

22. Moving head buffing machine

23. Manual trimming machine with full equipment for jordan and trimming

24. Welt applying machine

25. Sole inside trimming machine

26. Hydraulic belt press

27. Heel Press

28. Sole edge moulding machine

29. Double station nailing machine

30. Two belts sanding machine

31. Sole bottom coloring machine

32. Sole spray dyeing cabines with dry philters

33. Special heavy stitching machine

34. Trimming machine for opanka sole

35. Blades sharpening machine with suction system

36. Automatic sharpening machine

37. Tank for opanka working

38. Sole trolleys with wheels

39. Injection machine

40. Exhauster system

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