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Product introduction

 LC-0858 Automatic Drawplate Hydraulic Press Machine


1.both-edge operatinon,each shation simultanrously use two molds,to improve production capability.the machine covers small area,the utilization of factory building is characterized in high efficiency.
2.heat plate is adopted electricity contril,up and liw mold can be adjustable,to guaeantee the optimized vulcanization quality.
3.temperature of heat plate is adopted precious P.I.D cimtril system,to accurately cintril the temperature ofmild.
4.each oil circuit system is independently controlled,station needn



1. One person can simultaneously operate multi-stations, to save labor cost.
2. Automatically enter or exit sliding mold, automatically side-turned plate, conveniently to take out finished-product, the operation is easy,
    female operator can shoulder the job.
3. Inter-direction machine operation, featuring simultaneously inter-lock function, the operation is safe.
4. Fix up low mold to the sliding plate, it can be produced, the speed of mold change is quick.
5. Independently operate and control each station, relying on requirement of manufacture, repair and maintenance, to decide station number,
at the same time to save electric power.

LC-0858 Automatic Drawplate Hydraulic Press Machine


20 KW

Main cylinder diameter

300 mm

Station number of machine

6 station

Die clamper strength

150 Ton

Heat plate sixe

470×470 mm

Number of heat plate(single station)

3 block

Galvanotyermy consumption (single station)

16.8 KW

Galvanotyermy total consumption

100.8 KW

Total power

120.8 KW

Height of mold

40-190 mm

Maximum mold-opening distance

200 mm

Manufacture mold (single station)

2 Set

Weight of machine

14 Ton

Mahine sizeL×W×H

8000×2350×1800 mm

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